Jesús Cuevas is a Oaxacan painter, with a wide recognition of his iconic work and his oil paintings that have given him such fame. Starting his concern for painting from a very young age, Jesus decided to study at the School of Fine Arts of the UABJO to be trained in the plastic arts. Since then his career has been filled with multiple experiences inside and outside the country.
In this way Jesus has had the opportunity to give workshops and to be part of more than 30 collective exhibitions inside and outside the borders of Mexico, as well as 10 individual exhibitions. He has also collaborated in the illustration of different editions of books for Maya Editores.
The techniques he masters are diverse, proof of this are each of the works he has done, in which the main theme is birds, whom he has painted and represented in different moods, telling real and imaginary stories, which it is demonstrated by the coloring and shapes of his paintings.