Fernando Olivera was born in the city of Oaxaca in 1962. He studied art at the School of Fine Arts of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca. Then study lithography with Japanese print-maker ShinzaburoTakeda in the Arts Workshop Rufino Tamayo.

In addition to individual exhibitions in Mexico, Olivera has participated in group exhibitions in El Salvador, Montana, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Chicago and Philadelphia. Olivera’s work was included in the 1994 program “Myth and Magic: Oaxaca Past and Present” organized by the Cultural Center of Palo Alto.

Olivera’s vision is based on the traditional life of Oaxaca and the myths and legends of his people. But his work also reflects its social and political concerns. Much of his recent work is concerned with the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas in progress.

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