Cultural visit to the Sierra Mixe

Due to the difficult access issues to the region of the Sierra Mixe, permits are required for community travel including cultural visits with the an educational intention. We can access activities such as lectures and workshops aiming to educate visitors about the activities of the producers (artisans, embroiders, potters and pulqueros) The rhythms and local time determine the dynamics of visits. Times of activies will adapt for the ritual and festive duties, we cannot give a schedule as such. Learning exchanges with the Mixe region are a rich experience you can not miss!

Visits can include:

  • looms cotton shawls and overcoats
  • workshop dyed shawls
  • embroidered blouses and sashes
  • pottery workshop (red clay)
  • greenhouse tomato and vegetables
  • still (making mezcal)
  • cordage (manufacture of products with ixtle)

There will be a small welcome to Mixe introduction and a cooking show.

The Sierra Mixe region belongs to the Sierra Norte, located two hours from the city of Oaxaca. It is an area of ​​rich biodiversity with microclimates that create wonderful panoramas visible from any community. The region is also known for its cultural richness. The population here are passionate about about preserving their language (Ayuujk), clothing, music, rituals, food and crafts. It is a unique region where unforgettable experiences can be lived with people who like to share their history, worldview and give as much as they can to the experience of those who visit.

To Book the Tour Sierra Mixe  contact us
$ 4,500 MXD / $ 300 USD per person


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