Recognition of Traditional Embroiderers

It was born with the idea of ​​recognizing the work that traditional embroiderers and seamstresses have had in the communities of Oaxaca.

Women who over the years have acquired, from generation to generation, the tradition of embroidery and sewing with the idea of ​​preserving the use of the traditional costume of their community.

This multi-cultural Oaxacan project brings together 7 women with different languages: Zapotec, Mixe, Mixteco, Spanish. Women from different regions of Oaxaca with histories, traditions, culture, languages ​​and ways of seeing life differently. Each one represents their community through their embroidery, which in turn tells a story, a tradition. All with an idea and dream in common, see their creations in other regions, in other people.

Women who in one way or another were destined to embroider to preserve a legacy. Each embroidery tells the story and the passing of the years.

Zurciendo Historias, the project, has 4 stages:

  1. Training workshops (Design, Color, pattern design, etc.)
  2. Catalog design
  3. Documentary film
  4. Clothing catwalk (promotion of clothing

It is a long-term project, the end of one stage indicates the beginning of another. The first training workshop was held where the 7 members took subjects such as color theory, pattern design, design, etc. During the months that the workshop lasted, it was very pleasant to listen to their experiences and stories, the workshop became a cultural exchange experience.

The next step we are making is the design of the catalog, where you can see and appreciate the beautiful works of the embroiderers. For this stage we seek the support of donors and sponsors for printing it. Catalog that will be presented during the clothing parade and is intended to be distributed in different important points; boutiques, design stores, etc. where craftsmanship is valued.