Donate a book, Donate love project, began in February 2017 in order to support the El Rosario A.C community library located in the community of Sta Catarina Minas, Oaxaca. Library made of adobe and reed by and with the hands of men and women, mothers and fathers who want an education and a better future for the children and youth of their community.
During the book collection we obtained an excellent response from generous people from CDMX and Oaxaca, with the books collected, part of the library could be opened. Therefore, it was decided to continue as a permanent project within the Oaxaca Cultural Collective in order to support other community libraries in Oaxaca that suffer from the scarcity of books and are in need of external support. To make these efforts more productive, we will coordinate with the network of libraries that keep track of libraries with book needs.
The collection of books will be carried out, for the time being, once a year during the month of February allusive to the month of February, month of love. “Love starts in books.”
The challenges that we face with this project are the dissemination of the collection activity and transportation from Mexico City and from different parts of the country where it has shown interest in supporting and participating.

That is why if you are interested in donating or participating in any way in this project you can communicate directly to the organization by:
O agradeceremos tus donaciones a la cuenta:

Cuenta para Donativos
Colectivo Oaxaca Cultural A.C
Cuenta: 7009 – 1025548
Clabe Interbancaria: 0026 1070 0910 2554 84

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