It is the artistic cultural project that presents and explores the origins of the creation of the Oaxacan art myth.

This project is made up of:

  • A selection of art, carefully selected, we present the most representative art of Oaxaca with the most representative exponents of the current art of Oaxaca.
  • Conferences given by experts in the field where each deepens the themes of iconography
  • Myths of the Oaxacan art: It talks about the beginnings of the artistic boom of Oaxaca,
  • Zapotec Cosmovision, through a talk about the origins of pre-Hispanics who have made animals a fetish of painting. There is talk about the Tonnas, Nahuales and the Alebrijes terms deeply rooted in the culture of Oaxaca
  • Ceramics and Animals one of the
  • Traditional clothing and the use of iconography in the traditional textiles of the different Oaxacan communities

This project has a very interesting projection for art professionals, teaching institutes etc

The challenges we face are the mobilization of the works of art, the transfer and station of the master exhibitors.