130 km from the city of Oaxaca and north of San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán, is San Pedro Jocotipac; a beautiful indigenous community that maintains its link with nature, knowledge and traditions.  Where on 7 and 8 November the Fourth Festival of the Green Macaw takes place.

A mountain range painted green and yellow by fields planted with wheat, corn and other crops surrounded the road leading to Jocotipac. The juniper and oak forest that surround the town, held the inhabitants of Jocotipac, ready to greet with open arms all the activities the festival had planned.

The entire community organized this festival where we had the fortune to meet the mysterious forest of oaks and to taste the cuisine of the region. Also to learn palm-weaving and participate in the reforestation of oak and juniper trees. Finally, the opportunity to experience the canyon El Sabino, which are the grounds and nesting place for the Green Macaw (Ara Militaris), an endangered species.

All these activities seek to awaken the consciousness in visitors. We recognize the dedicated work of biologists Gladys Reyes, Sadot Vazquez and Nayelli Martinez, the organization of local authorities and support the community to continue to be open to community tourism.

Since Cultural B.C. in Oaxaca, we fully support geotourism , VIDAS A.C. and the community of San Pedro Jocotipac, develop within our cultural tours. We aim to promote natural and human wonders that can be discovered.

Cultural Oaxaca members B.C. we were fortunate to attend, we sincerely thank the community of San Pedro Jocotipac and VIDAS A.C., for making the Fourth Festival of the Green Macaw.

Special thanks to Diego Mendoza family, who welcomed us with open arms, with stories of life filled with the warmth of his company and home.