Studio Xaquixe is the most important blown glass factory of Oaxaca …because all our raw material and fuel used are obtained by recycling / reusing bottles and waste oils generated by the city of Oaxaca. We create aesthetic and innovative designs, characterized by a sustained environmental awareness.

Christian Thornton gallery, located at 5 de Mayo # 412. The construction of facilities Xaquixe Studio began in 2002, at the hands of Salime Harp Cruces and Christian Thornton. Best of all is that it is possible to visit and appreciate it up close, because it is just over 50 minutes from the center of Oaxaca, Oaxaca 2000 in the Magdalena Pasco Industrial Park, Etla.

In Xaquixe we know it is important to recycle; incorporating it into a new life-cycle. This is counter to environmental destruction and we aim to reuse the waste that is generated every day.
The ovens required for melting and glass blowing work reach 1300 °! Working most of the day, undoubtedly requires much fuel…Therefore, in addition to the reuse of oils discarded by restaurants, Xaquixe Studio has a digester of organic waste to produce its own methane gas, and in the future expect to supplement their energy consumption with solar panels.

Not all types of glass can be recycled. Due to its characteristics, bottles of beer, wine or soda are ideal for reuse. It is necessary to crush and add metal oxides; so that as it melts, it reaches the necessary elasticity and density to be handled.

Watch the process firsthand and witness the skill of each of the blowers is a very special show.

First, the molten glass must be molded with skill and encouragement. Then begins the dance of the artisan.

The molten glass is placed at one end of the pipe, which is kept rotating all the time while he is working.

The craftsman blows to give the desired volume and then the piece is inserted back into the oven, and wait. Due to the nature of the glass it is necessary to keep the piece to the initial temperature, otherwise it will cool too quickly and break.

Outside oven again, it is handled with speed and skill as often as needed to improve its shape, base, neck and color. This varies according to the complexity of the part. When ready, it goes into a special oven where it will cool slowly and progressively.

High quality piece of functional and decorative, durable and also environmentally friendly designs are created.

Our suggestion: If you are in Oaxaca, be encouraged to visit Xaquixe Studio.