Emiliano López Javier is a plastic artist from Oaxaca, recognized in his native state and in Mexico thanks to his talent developed from a very young age. Originally from Tuxtepec, Emiliano is part of a family of important artists, including his brother Maximino López.
As an artist, his expression has been taken to different individual and collective exhibitions since 1980, before even finishing her studies in the Rufino Tamayo workshop, among the most important ones are the collective exhibition of the IX National Plastic Arts Contest of Aguascalientes (1980 ) and the exhibition of the Tierra Adentro Gallery. His solo works include his exhibition at Galería Uno in Puerto Vallarta (1986), at the Magical Hand of Oaxaca (1990 and 1993) and at the Bucheon Gallery in San Francisco, California (1994).
Emiliano does his work mainly in the field of painting, which he considers that: “work (in painting) is sometimes individualistic, everyone is in their world”.