We start our tour in San Bartolo Coyotepec, we meet one of the creators of the famous black mud, the teacher, known sculptor and craftsman, Pedro Carlo Magno will receive you at his home and tell you their secrets for creating beautiful pieces. Then we will move to San Martin Tilcajete, where we will be in the workshop of Jacobo and Maria Angeles other prominent Oaxacan artists and creators of beautiful alebrijes. In the workshop you will see the development of a alebrije, from the choice of wood, carving and painting. We will take a break for lunch at a restaurant in the region. Then we will continue to another important region in textile art, Thomas Jalietza, where you will be sharing and learning from the textile artisans.


In the morning we will see another expression of art, in the same town of Santo Tomas Jalietza. Ancient stones carved by villagers from hundreds of years ago which are believed to be magical… learn history, with a hint of mystery. Later we will go to the small village of Santa Ana Zegache, this town is famous for its artisans, who make beautiful wooden frames and in a technique using gold, each piece is unique. At the end we will visit Ocotlán, the birthplace of famous the painter Rodolfo Morales, his house is open to the public so you can admire the painter’s work. Ocotlán has one of the most important markets in the region, with delicious food, bread, chocolate. You will have time to visit the market and taste the delicious food. You can also visit the church and the convent.

After your free time, we will prepare to return to the city of Oaxaca.

We organize the tour to your needs, contact us and let us know which dates & how many people would like to join.
$ 4,500 MXD / $ 300 USD

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