Colectivo Oaxaca Cultural

Asociación Civil conformada por un equipo de profesionistas, artesanos y artistas

The “donate a book, Donated Love ” project,  began in February 2017 in order to support the El Rosario A.C community library located in the community of Sta Catarina Minas, Oaxaca.


Oaxaca con las Manos is the project of linking, promoting and disseminating the culture and art of Oaxaca in order to support Oaxacan artisans and artists and thus boost the social economy and the economic reactivation. On going project that presents the best of the work of Oaxacan artists and artisans in alternative spaces outside […]


Recognition of Traditional Embroiderers It was born with the idea of ​​recognizing the work that traditional embroiderers and seamstresses have had in the communities of Oaxaca. Women who over the years have acquired, from generation to generation, the tradition of embroidery and sewing with the idea of ​​preserving the use of the traditional costume of […]