Since it was conceived, Guzina Oaxaca has been a meeting point of Oaxacan culture. This restaurant, led by chef Alejandro Ruiz, works as a sort of embassy in Mexico City. For this reason, it was the ideal venue for artistic essence of this state alongside great masters, both artistic and gastronomic scene.

It was an exclusive art exhibition with works for sale tasting followed by a dinner organized by Guzina Oaxaca, Oaxaca Cultural Collective and Food and Travel Mexico. The purpose of this event was to show the cultural heritage of Oaxaca through their shapes, textures, colors and flavors, in addition to supporting Oaxacan communities, since part of the proceeds from the sale of art was donated to the Oaxaca Cultural Association .

Colectivo Oaxaca Cultural Alebrijes

Alebrijes Jacobo y Maria Angeles

“The sole purpose is to support more Oaxacan. We are doing various projects in the Sierra Mixe and Sierra Mixteca. With the support of all our sponsors, as the chef Alejandro, and attendees can move forward with these initiatives, “he said during the welcome Ixchel Castellón, executive director of this group.


With a mezcal Lovers in hand, the audience could appreciate the talent of the stars of the night. In the center of the space, they looked alebrijes of Jacobo, who seeks to convey the heritage of the Zapotec culture in each of its carved wood copal to be hand painted with natural dyes, such as resin, cochineal, lime, lemon figures. “Considering what lives Oaxaca at this time, this event becomes a point of sale promotion and to bring bread to our communities.

Oaxaca has something very cute: this craftsmanship is hereditary, transmitted from father and son. Therefore, the workshops are familiar and are basic in every town. And this way you can survive and promote our heritage, “said Jacobo who spent 35 years doing this kind of craftsmanship.

Barrao Negro Oaxaca Colectivo Cultural
On the other hand, the walls were hung several prints, made in the Printmaking Workshop FSG, Fernando Sandoval, one of the most famous workshops of Oaxaca and even Mexico, with more than 25 years of experience. It is an eminence, is the most recognized man in question recorded in Oaxaca and why the great teachers work with him and nobody else. The importance of this workshop is that the recorder is the one that gives the final touch to the work, defining it ends. Fernando spoke with some of the guests who admired the pieces of Francisco Toledo, Sergio Hernandez and Eddy Martinez.

And finally, the tzompantli, men who believe in the wisdom and love posing on skulls and the five grannies representing the age of the Zapotec culture showed the genius of the sculptor Charlemagne, who since age four molded completely by hand black mud. “Stepping aside from the traditional craft of pottery and pitchers, seek to convey the history of Mexico, their stories and legends,” says the artist from San Bartolo Coyotepec.

“There is an effervescence of Oaxacan culture. The different artistic expressions are getting stronger with these events and introduction to electronic and print media; We are fortifying it, “he said with a smile.

After contemplating to Oaxaca from her art, the guests tasted through a menu prepared by Alejandro Ruiz. This chef proved once again that gastronomy is another kind of art, a craft that requires some skill to surprise in this case palate. And to round out the experience even more, the marriage was in charge of the oldest wine in America, Casa Madero.

Oaxaca Food

To open mouth, came to the table a vast entrance of Oaxacan cheeses, both fresh and cured, Ricardi company located in Ocotlan. The canteens cheeses, goat (with chintextle, ash and aged for 4 months) and an intruder, a Mennonite cheese, were accompanied by pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta and quince compote. He followed a salad of tomatoes kidney (known as heirloom) with a spread of roasted grasshoppers, quintoniles, pumpkin seeds and vinaigrette chapulín. Both dishes were harmonized with white wine chardonnay grape. Thus, this dry wine, but very fresh and fruity, highlighted creaminess of the cheese and the acidity of the tomatoes.

As strong dish, dorado fillet with green mole made with gourd, hoja santa rabbit and grass, topped with sauteed mushrooms and pork, it was a delight. With much mouthfeel, as master craftsmen, Oaxacan culture buffs and foodies remained perfectly Reserve with wine, a red cabernet and merlot of suavignon, with 12 months in oak. Finally, the cornbread with coconut ice cream was the perfect finale of endearing evening.

“With this menu looked to be at the level of today’s event: the presence of Oaxaca. It comes the best of artistic expression of the state, so I feel flattered that I have taken into account for this. The idea is to convey Oaxacan Oaxacan flavors with ingredients prepared with techniques most cutting-edge, “said the chef Ruiz, who closed the restaurant and left him completely for the event.

“It’s what we have to do and more now with the situation that exists in Oaxaca. Is a respite, “concluded Alexander. Undoubtedly, this artistic display is not only became a laudable effort but a delight for all the senses.


Fotos: Charly Ramos

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