Colectivo Oaxaca Cultural

Asociación Civil conformada por un equipo de profesionistas, artesanos y artistas

Master Craftsmans from Oaxaca

If anything distinguishes the beautiful state of Oaxaca from the rest of Mexico, is the creativity of the artisans and the beauty of its handcrafts. Oaxaca is the largest intercultural center in the country and also has the largest ethnic, linguistic and biological diversity in Mexico. It has the rich cultural heritage of its 16 indigenous groups, which makes it a creative and colorful state. Among the most renowned crafts of Oaxaca is the black mud with smooth texture that has achieved worldwide attention. Alebrijes, are fantastic and colorful little monsters made individually by hand out of wood, so each one is a unique piece.

And finally, textiles that not only capture the beauty that emanates from skilled hands that wove them, but also gives identity to the various towns and regions. Mixteca, Isthmus, Serranos, or coastal Zapotecs create different garments at a weaving group where color and local pride overflow. In this section we will give particular attention to promoting the textile industry and when you purchase, you will be contributing to fair trade and to the direct support of artisans and their families.